Utkal Galvanizers Ltd. manufactures Power grid approved Transmission Line Towers ranging between 33 kV to 765 kV ranging CHT/VHT/UHT HVDV to AC (single, double, multi circuit) Towers suitable for Twin, Quad and Hex conductor configuration. Some typical power transmission tower configurations are given below.

With that we are also manufacture RSJ poles, H-pole and all type of lattice structure for transmission to lighting structure

Classification Current Phase Circuit Material EHT/VHT/UHT Configurations
Angular, Tubular or Hybrid AC Line or DVDC Line and MCMV Single Phase Line or 3 Phase Line Single Circuit – vertical, horizontal & delta configuration towers Double Circuit line Multiple Circuit line Structural Steel in Latticed form Steel tubular Sections & monopoles Concrete construction According to the Voltage carrying capacity 33 K V, 66 k V, 132 k V, 220 k V, 400 k V, 500 k V, 765 k V,
Supply Range

Utkal Galvanizers Ltd is providing entire range of Hot Dip Galvanized fabricated steel structures. Having manufacturing facilities at Cuttack Odisha for fabrication and galvanizing. With more than a four decade of proven experience of supplying Transmission Towers from 33 kV to 765 kV Towers (Single Circuit, Double Circuit, Multi Circuit Towers suitable for various Conductor configurations).

Telecom Tower Structure

With the massive development of technology and mobile phone penetration, there has been an increase in the number of communication industries. This has resulted in the installation of a large number of telecom towers for an increase in coverage area and to meet the demand for network consistency. Towers are the heart of wireless communication that ensures a strong network with optimized bandwidth. Hence, ensuring proper structures that do not result in failures is of utmost importance. That’s where the need for Utakl Galvanizers Ltd .arises.

We manufacture a complete range of diverse products ranging from 9 M Roof Top Tower (RTT) to 60 M Ground Based Tower and integrated solutions ranging from design, manufacturing, and supply.


Utkal Galvanizers Ltd offers a full range of Powergrid approved Substation Structures and integrated solutions ranging from design, manufacturing & supply, in the domestic and international markets. There are 4 types of substations and in some cases, can be a combination of two or more types.