Smart Infrastructure

CCTV surveillance

In the present times, security surveillance systems have become of acute importance, especially in developing countries. Safety and security has become the governing factors of everyone’s life today. Right from an office to the homes, the need for 24×7 surveillance can never be done away with. With proper security systems in place, it becomes easier to avoid threats and also prevent incidents of thefts, robbery, data violation and more. This is where Utkal Galvanizer Ltd plays a major role.

Signage Structures

Highway and road signages serve a number of purposes. Right from alerting the drivers about the speed limit, they also prevent detours and provide information like construction work in progress, hazards, sharp bends and turns and more. Without these, travel would be an utter chaos leading to accidents. With the need for road signs arises the need proper structures too. That is where you can count on us. We manufacture custom-engineered fabricated steel structures and poles of different sizes and materials to meet your requirement. Our comprehensive range includes overhead signages, F type signage’s and LED signages. Beyond these, you can also trust us for Crash Barriers, Traffic Signal Poles, CCTV Poles and other traffic structure solutions

Flag special high mast

In urban cities and in rural towns, we need structures to hoist flags during special occasions or erect them in government buildings and offices. This is where we need strong engineered structures that can hold the flag firmly. Also, hoardings or displays in roads, highways, cities and towns often are required to be mounted at an elevated height so that these are visible from quite some distance. Such structures are also often installed in order to convey information to people. This is where the need for reliable structures too comes into play. That’s where we play a major role.

We, at Utkal Galvanizers Ltd , manufacture an array of standard and custom-engineered solutions of different styles, sizes and materials to meet your requirement

Wi-Fi, electric pole

Massive urbanisation, development of technology and mobile phone penetration leads to an increase in demand for applications that make a city smarter. Simultaneously, the need for strong, faster wireless transmission has risen too. We need solutions that are efficient and at the same time reduce energy costs too. That’s where the necessity of potential structures that enable faster data transmission and increases urban efficiency arises. Working with necessities around the globe, we understand the need. That is what makes us a trusted partner for smart city applications like Wi-Fi and electric pole

We at Utkal Galvanizers Ltd., manufacture custom-engineered solutions depending on your requirement. All our poles are hot dip galvanized that have a minimum design life of 25 years. Our smart solutions include smart poles, Wi-Fi poles, electric poles, street light poles, steel tubular poles and other essential structures.

Traffic structures

Today, transportation is the key to progress for any nation. Ensuring smooth flow of traffic is quite a task. But what’s more important is safety. We need safety structures for both the vehicular traffic and the pedestrians that help reduce road accidents. Also, traffic management authorities need efficient and reliable structures for better surveillance and signalling. That’s where the need for Utkal Galvanizers Ltd arises. Our comprehensive range includes traffic signal poles, steel tubular poles and CCTV poles. Beyond these, you can also trust us for Crash Barriers, High Masts, Street Light Poles and other traffic structure solutions.