Our Achievements

We have achieved many prestigious projects for both our Tower Division and Pole and Pipe Division


Tower Division International

Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal

Supply & Construction of 35 Nos., 33/11KV Substations in Turnkey basis

Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd.

Design, Supply & Construction of 66KV Multicircuit Line from Malbase to Paskha

Bhutan Engineering Co. Pvt Ltd.

Supply of 220KV Tower for Rurichhu to Tsirang Supply of 132KV Tower for Tintibi to Yurmoo.


Supply of 230KV Tower material so Syrian Company for Oil Transport (SCOT)


Transmission Line Turnkey Package for LILO of 220KV D/C
Tanakpur-Bareilly T/L at Sitargunj & LILO of 400KV D/C
Dhauli Ganga Bareilly T/L at Pitharagarh( Finalization Stage)

Transmission Line :

    * 220KV D.C. Line from S.T.P.P. Kaniha to Meramundali.
    * 220KV D.C. Line from Bidanasi to Choudwar .
    * 132KV D.C. Line from Cuttack to Jagatsinghpur.
    * 33KV D.C. Line from Unit-VIII to Chandaka
    * 33KV D.C. Line from Sizua to Bhimtangi

Sub-Station :
      * 220/33KV Sub-Station at Nayagarh
      * 220/132/33KV Sub-Station at Duburi
      * 132/33KV Sub-Station at Kalarangi
      * 132/33KV Sub-station at Kamakhyanagar
      * 132/33KV Sub-Station at Jagatsinghpur.
      * 33/11KV Sub-Station at Paradeep .
      * 33/11KV Sub-Station at Bhimtangi.

* 400KV Sub-Station Structure at Upper Indravati Hydro Electric     Project, Orissa.
* 400/220KV Sub-Station Structure to Bakreswar Thermal      Project, West Bengal.
* 400KV Sub-Station Structure for PGCI at Kanpur
* 220/132KV Sub-Station Structure for Maharastra State Electricity Board at Aurangabad

* 400/220/33KV Sub-Station at Rengali, Indravati & Jeypore, Orissa.
* 220/132KV Sub-Station at Bongaigaon & Gailapugh at Bhutan.
* 132/66KV Sub-Station at Rangit Hydro Electric Project at Rangit, Sikkim

Rengali Hydro Electric Project (4×80 MW)
* 33KV Switchyard, Cable tray and Rack, Lighting Tower for Rengali Hydroelectric Project * Upper Kalab Hydro Electric Project. (5×60 MW)
220/33KV Switchyard (Supply & Erection) & Lighting Towers

Construction of 220 kV M/C Line – 30 KM

* Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Halvad-Sadla Line on Turnkey basis. (37.21 Km)* Supply & Erection of 220kV S/C Chorania-Gondal Line on Turnkey basis. (29.2 Km)
* Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Kalavad-Kangasiyali Line on Turnkey basis.
* Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Bhatiya-Kalavad Line on Turnkey basis.(118.37 Km)
* Supply & Erection of 220 kV D/C BECL-Botad Line on Turnkey basis. (94.26 Km)
* Balance Erection work of 220kV D/C GPPC-Dhokadva Line on Turnkey basis.
* Supply & Erection of LILO of S/C of 220kV D/C Kasor-Botad Line at Dhuvaran on Turnkey basis. (2×41 Km)
* Supply & Erection of LILO of S/C of 220kV D/C Karamsad-Vertej at Dhuvaran Line on Turnkey basis. (2×39 Km)

* Supply, Erection & commissioning of 220/33KV Switchyard.
* Supply & fixing of Cable Trays, Racks in Power House, Valve Hous, Switchyard & Control Room with laying & terminating Power Cable, Control Cable of entire Project.

* Supply, Construction & Commissioning of 132/25KV Traction Sub-Station at Bhadrak and Jakapura for CORE, Allahabad
Supply of traction structures.

* Supply, Construction & Commissioning 400/220/132KV Switchyard at Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project at Ranganadi

* Design, Testing, Supply of Tower & Tower Accessories & Construction of 132K.V. S/C. Transmission from Almore-Ranikhet in Uttaranchal.

* 132/33KV Substation at Kakching, Thoubal Dist.
* 132/33KV Substation at Renpang, Tamenglang Dist.
* RGGVY Project work in Tamenglang Dist.
* RGGVY Project work in Bishnupur Dist.

* Supply of 220KV D/C tower for Tinsukia to Kathalguri Line

* Supply of G.I Flat for World Bank Project

* Supply of Substation Structure for GRIDCO (OECF)Project.

* Supply & Construction of 220KV.D/C Tower & Bay Extension at Budhipadar Substation.

* Supply & Construction of 132KV & 33KV Transmission
Line with Lattice Towers from Jeypore to Tentuligumma. * Construction of 132KV Feederbays at Jayanagar 220/132/33KV Substation

* Supply & Construction of 132KV S/C Tower line from Duburi to Mishrilal Mines Plant. * 2No. of 132KV Bay extention at 220/132KV Duburi Grid Substation.

Supplying construction of 220KV D/C Line from 400/220KV Duburi substation to Jindal Plant at Kalinga Nagar

Supply of 400KV Tower structure for Power Grid, Corporation of India Ltd. (RAPP-5&6 to Kankroll TL at Rajasthan))

Supply of Telecom towers for various projects

Pole Division Domestic

We have supplied our Street lighting, Pole, High Mast, Telecom, Pole & Transmission Line Pole for following major customers ..


We have supplied Pole for Power Transmission for following utility Companies through various Indian Exporters .